Forth Access Control 

  • Up to 8,000 magnetic cards.
  • Card insert Slot of 4-6 cm.
  • Time zone designed to control the access of each card.
  • 4 ways to select for door opening as desired : 
    1. Insert a card to open the door. 
    2. Insert a card and enter code to open the door. 
    3. Enter secret code to open the door. 
    4. Open the door from inside through a telephone line.
  • Intercom when connected with PABX to ask somebody inside to enter code for door opening.
  • LCD Monitor to display the mode , day , date and time or operation.
  • Sensor system with voice guidance while operating.
  • Up to 8,000 records or door opening can be kept.
  • Connectable to computer and printer to check or update data or print out report through port RS-232C.
  • Time delay on door opening from 0-99 seconds.
  • Up to 9 levels of security setting per card.
  • Integratable with siren , alarm or switching equipment.
  • Network operation of 64 units at one time.
  •  LCD monitor to display the mode, day, date and time of operation.
See Specification: SA-8000
  • Incorporated up to 10,000 of magnetic cards.
  • Set time opening on each card (TIME ZONE)
  • Four choices for opening door system. 
    1. Using card to open door. 
    2. Using card follows by pressing password to open door. 
    3. Using Special code to open door. 
    4. To open door by pressing code from extension telephone.
  • Built in speaker phone.
  • Incorporated with PABX to open door from inside by using telephone.
  • LCD shows time, date, month.
  • Sensor system giving voice instruction.
  • Memory up to 6,000 records.
  • To connect with computer or printer to check record by connectiong port RS-232C.
  • Time setting for door opening from 0-99 seconds.
  • Buttons ard made of fine quality materials with live lasting munbers.
  • 9 levels of authority for usage.
  • Cancel of increase card by master card to program.
  • Easy cancelling card at any time.
  • Increase or cancel temporary card at any time.
  • Incorporated with SIREN, ALARM system and electric control device.
  • Incorporating with battery back up.
See Specification : FC-10K 

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