Key Specifications/Special Features:

    • Mobile handset with 2.4-inch TFT-LCD screen
    • Unlock doors and gates remotely for visitors
    • Range in free field 300 meters
    • 12 selectable ring tones
    • For villas
    • Handset to handset communication (paging)
    • Mute and vibration feature
    • Infrared camera in outside call station to see callers at night
    • Expand to a 2-way system by adding a call station and handset
    • Built-in surveillance mode function
    • Built-in battery and RFID card readers
    • Built-in back-up battery for handset and entry panel (still can work if power failure)
    • Standby status 72 hours 
    • Optional proximity access control (including 1-add card, 1-delete card, 20 shadow cards and 20 user card)
    • Easy to install


:: VCT-901A

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Specifications:
    • Panel dimensions: 265 x 180 x 24mm
    • Seven inches LCD
    • Can monitor the image, unlock and call the guard unit 
    • Can talk between the door station and guard unit caretaker's panel
    • It can connect the Infrared, door magnetic switch, gas and smoke detectors and extra emergency button
    • Installation mode: surface-mounted installation
    • Multi-chord ringing tones


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